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Regional Museum of Emigration Pietro Conti

Italian Emigration Research Center

Emigrazione.itIl The Museum of Emigration Pietro Conti was created to highlight the historical, cultural and human migration linked to the great exodus that involved Italy from the end of 1800, which covered more than 27 million departures. Powered by the technique of video projections, involving the viewer in an emotional journey back: the arrival, departure and travel. Documents, images and stories from all regions of Italy.
A choir trip, which has as its protagonist, the migrant: the farewells, the encounter and the clash with the foreign country, nostalgia, the everyday joys and sorrows, the integration into the new reality, the defeats and victories, the comparison and reflection with immigration today. The museum is a study center, educational workshop and a place of memory.

When Albert Einstein landed in the United States, like all emigrants, received a form to fill. Among the many questions to be answered there was one that asked:
“Which race do you belong?” And he replied: “to that human!”